The Valley of the Nuns: Discover the Natural Beauty of this Place

This article discusses the cuisine of the Valley of the Nuns in Toluca, Mexico. In the valley, you can find a wide variety of traditional dishes and beverages from the region, including enchiladas with mole, barbacoa tacos, mole de olla (beef and vegetable stew), chicharrón in salsa verde (fried pork rinds in green sauce), and stewed nopales (cactus) with chorizo.



The Valley of the Nuns: A Magical Corner.

In our country, there are still places that have not been discovered by everyone but hold great natural and cultural treasures. One of these places is the Valley of the Nuns, located in the central region of Mexico. This valley is a magical place, full of history, legends, and natural beauty that you must explore. In this article, we will take you on a tour of this wonderful place so you can get to know it and enjoy it.

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Where is the Valley of the Nuns located?

The Valley of the Nuns is located in the state of Hidalgo, about 50 kilometers north of the city of Pachuca. This valley sits at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and forests of pine and oak trees.

Why is it called the Valley of the Nuns?

This valley gets its name from a legend that tells the story of a group of nuns who fled from the Spanish conquerors during the Conquest period and sought refuge in this place. They built a small chapel there and dedicated themselves to prayer and contemplative life. Although it is not known for certain if this story is true, the name “Valley of the Nuns” has remained.

What can you see in the Valley of the Nuns? Exploration of historical and cultural heritage

The Valley of the Nuns is a place with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Therefore, one of the highly recommended activities is visiting the different monuments and buildings in the area. These include the Church of San Juan Bautista, the Monastery of San José, and the Castro family’s house-museum.

Furthermore, if you are a history lover, you can take a guided tour of the old town. There, you will find various points of interest, such as the Palace of the Marquis of Cañete, the Plaza de la Merced, or the Puerta de Almodóvar.

Hiking and cycling routes

The Valley of the Nuns is an ideal place for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. There are different hiking and cycling routes that will allow you to discover the beauty of the landscape in an active way.

One of the most popular routes is the Water Route, which takes you through different natural landscapes, waterfalls, and springs. You can also take the Mirador (Viewpoint) Route, which will allow you to enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the city and the valley.

Water activities

If you are looking for something more refreshing, you can engage in water activities in the Guadalquivir River that runs through the Valley of the Nuns. Some options include canoeing, sport fishing, or boat rides.

Local cuisine

Among the most popular dishes in the region are enchiladas with mole, barbacoa tacos, mole de olla (beef and vegetable stew), chicharrón in salsa verde (fried pork rinds in green sauce), and nopales (cactus) stew with chorizo. It is also common to find dishes made with trout, as this fish species is bred in the rivers of the area.

Regarding beverages, the traditional pulque stands out. It is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of aguamiel, extracted from the maguey plant. It is also possible to find fruit-based drinks, such as tejate, a beverage prepared with corn and cacao, and chilate, a drink made with rice and cacao.

What is the best time to visit the Valley of the Nuns?

The best time to visit the Valley of the Nuns is during the rainy season, which typically runs from June to September. During this period, the valley comes alive with vibrant colors, and the waterfalls and streams are at their peak. However, if you prefer to avoid the rain, you can still visit the valley at other times of the year.

The Valley of the Nuns is a region of great natural beauty and cultural richness, offering a wide variety of activities and experiences for its visitors.

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